Custom Mysterium Acrylic TKL

Custom Mysterium Acrylic TKL

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Current lead times are 6 weeks+


Based on the huge community hit, the Mysterium keyboard kit and diy pcb has novice and experienced builders alike finding themselves as the beginning to end creator of their own keyboard.  Unique among other keyboards, this board allows you to showcase your soldering work via the window above showing all the cool components that make the board work.  After numerous requests to put my own personal spin on this case design, here we are!  Features my standard 5mm switch plate, in both WKL and Standard WK versions.  Please read to see your available options as this case looks best when the top layer is made of transparent acrylic, which means any colors offered will come standard with a clear top layer, except for the radiant case option.   

ALSO, bear in mind that Im currently processing a group buy, all orders will have a lead time minimum of a 6 weeks or longer.  They may or may not ship sooner than that.  Do not purchase if you need the case by specified date, and understand that by purchasing this case, you are purchasing a custom commissioned item.  As my current backlog is about a 6 weeks out, understand delays can and do happen and its possible there could be an even longer wait that the stated estimated timeline, under no circumstances am I guaranteeing a specified shipping date. All purchases are non-refundable, each purchase is a commission which involves investing in materials needed to make your commissioned case, please understand that once you have made your purchase, refunds are not possible, please consider this before purchasing. All cases are warrantied and guaranteed to be in new working condition.

PCB NOT INCLUDED- Can be found here 

Includes silicone bumpons (custom acrylic feet are not an option for this case)

Color options

Bifrost Radiant (Radiant top and bottom plates **Pictured above**) brass hardware

Frosted (with gloss clear top) polycarbonate hardware

Black (matte black base plate, gloss black plate layers, clear top bezel) black nylon hardware

White (Frosted white base, Gloss white plate layers, clear top bezel) white nylon hardware

Crystal clear (All gloss clear acrylic layers) Polycarbonate hardware