Returns, Refunds, and cancellations policy.

SWITCH COUTURE LLC is a custom keyboard manufacturer specializing in custom laser cut acrylic, pom and various other materials.  All orders, once placed, begin processing immediately with the securing of materials, preparation and crafting of the final product.  Each keyboard we make is a custom product, returns are not accepted.  Orders placed have associated fees that are non refundable should an order be cancelled.  Once and order is placed, cancellations are not permitted, refunds are given at the discretion of Switch Couture LLC, in the event an order is cancelled, the associated fees for the order will not be credited back to the customer.  In the event a customer changes their mind, the financial responsibility should not fall on the company offering the products.  We encourage you to decide before you make your purchase whether or not you are going to possibly want to cancel, and we would simply ask that you do not order as this will incur a financial loss that could have been avoided. In the event a cancellation is approved, associated fees charged to the vendor are non refundable. These fees amount to 2.9% of the transaction total and a 0.30 handling fee. Please do not order if you do not understand the product or think you may possibly want to cancel in the future.

As we strive to bring you the best products, we also warranty our products and each item must be in new working condition. In the event there is a warranty claim or issue with a product you purchased, please contact us so we can determine the best course of action.  If a product is defective, incorrect, or does not work, we will not suffer the client to bear the burden of replacement.  All items are sold with this guarantee. If a replacement part, component or product needs to be sent, this burden falls squarely on, the client will not bare the burden of any associated shipping costs.

In the event a refund is initiated, all items must be sent back and in the same condition they were sent in, refunds will be approved only once an item has been inspected and no user end damage has occurred.  This applies only to products that have been deemed unusable or do not work as intended.  All items sold have been tested and are guaranteed to work as describe.  Many of the items sold are custom made and require assembly on the part of the end user.  Lack of ability or inexperience in assembly using our products is not a valid justification for return. 

Group Buys

If a group buy minimum order quantity is not met, then the order cannot proceed and any orders placed will be refunded.  Refund time will take place at the discretion of based on a period of time outlined in the group buy.

When you join a group buy, you are investing in a custom made product, all group buy purchases fall under the return policy, group buy items are non refundable, there are no returns unless the product is defective and once you have made a purchase of a group buy item, your purchase is non refundable, if you think you are going to change your mind, then please do not join a group buy as shipping times are not static and the products purchased for the group buy will have been ordered. Buyers remorse is not grounds for a refund on a group buy item, by joining a group buy and purchasing a group buy item, you agree and affirm that no returns or refunds will be given at the close of the gb. For any questions regarding group buy purchases please email me at