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2023 ElectroType Acrylic Alice Keyboard

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After 3 years with the successful and ubiquitous acrylic Alice, the much anticipated update to the already amazing form factor is here!  New for this design, we had one mandate above all, this new board must  sound as amazing as it looks, and that is exactly what we have achieved, along with an all new streamlined design for 2023. 

Easy to program with simple web based GUI.  

New color purchase options!

**Choose single color or mix and match colors.  The case is broken into 7 parts, allowing you to customize the look completely! If you want a frosted case with pink pastel top, choose frosted for all layers with pink pastel for the top plate**
  1. Top plate
  2. upper mid bezel
  3. lower mid bezel
  4. switch plate
  5. mid spacers (2 layers, both in the same color)
  6. base plate
  7. feet

  • Available black Mechlovin Adelais USB-C PCB with RGB underglow SUPPORT
  • VIA 
  • Available Sneakbox white hotswap pcb with usb type C 
  • Works with any standard Alice pcb (project keyboard/sneakbox/Mechlovin)
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Case supports bottom mount pcbs with usb connector on the underside of the pcb, please indicate in the order notes if you need your case to support bottom mount pcbs
  • Requires 4 or 5 2u stabs depending on the layout you choose
  • Custom engraving now available, please contact me via email in regards to your design preferences, prices for engraving based on size, scope and file preparation.  If you have a design, please upload it and leave me a message in the order notes, I will contact you to discuss the engraving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I track my orders progress?  Unfortunately at this time I do not have the ability to track a specific order outside of an estimated time frame based on your order date, order number and material availability.  With hundreds of keyboards in queue, and orders made in batches, its almost impossible to predict a specific orders shipping date. The nature of my work is dynamic, whether it be machine maintenance, delayed component or supply orders, or random acts of God.  If you have any questions about your order, please email me at switchcouture@gmail.com, please include your order number for reference to help expedite service.  In most cases I can estimate a rough timeframe for delivery, and other circumstances when you need an order by a specific date, we can work with you. Please contact us.  
    • If I want different color plates, why do I have to pay for them separately rather than just including them as part of original case purchase?  There are a few reasons for this.  The complexity of orders all having different plate color options would be nearly impossible to manage.  When cases are produced, they are made in batches.  Raw acrylic comes in large single color sheets.  If I have 50 frosted cases to make, each case is made as part of a larger batch of the same color.  Individual layers in different colors likewise are produced in smaller batches. My process for cutting cases is unique to me, its how I am able to make sure cases line up properly and dont suffer from the typical mismatching of layers and offsets that are often seen with acrylic cases.  This is done in the name of production speed, as it would be extremely slow having to cut cases in smaller batches or even single cases at a time to facilitate the hundreds of possible color combinations.  As a result, plates are sold as add ons in optional colors and materials. 
    • If I purchase a case, does it come with a switch plate?  Yes!  All cases come with a switch plate, in most circumstances its made in the same material as the color you choose.  Some cases may include different color switch plates/base plates, and this information will be on the listing.   If you order a case with metal plate, this will be in place of the normal case switch plate. 
    • I need to cancel my order, how do I do this? Switch Couture does not accept cancellations under any circumstances. When you place an order, this sets in motion a series of events that are neccessary to make your product a reality.  Once work has begun, cancelling would invariably create more problems than the original order is worth, if you are unsure about whether you will follow through with your commitment after purchasing, please do not place an order, if you have any questions or are unsure about something, please contact me first so we can discuss your needs.  
    •  Im having trouble with my pcb, can I get a replacement? In order for a pcb to be eligible for replacement, the pcb must be in the exact condition it was sent.  This means that if you solder the pcb, it is not eligible for replacement.  ALWAYS test your pcb and each key prior to soldering, this will ensure that the pcb is functioning and in good working order.  Its extremely rare that a pcb will simply malfunction, and almost always is the result of soldering incorrectly, programming incorrectly, or using a cable that is not compatible.  Switch Couture guarantees all components to be in good working order and free from defects. (acrylic may have some very minor blemishes from the manufacturing process but this is to be expected). In the event your pcb needs to be replaced, you will need to send the pcb back in order for us to send a replacement.  



       If you have any other questions, please submit them. switchcouture@gmail.com