Switch Couture acrylic Alice style chassis

Switch Couture acrylic Alice style chassis

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Now in its 4th iteration, the ever popular acrylic alice style case has been by far one of the most popular chassis for enthusiasts the world over.   As an ergo style board, its unique in how fast users acclimate to the layout and has one of the most striking visual impacts a keyboard can make.  

Improvements to the case design are smaller this time around with a slight modification to the base plate.  This design change simply allows for a slight integral and aesthetic improvement to the optional case feet. 

*Please read*
Lead times are estimated to be 6-8 weeks.  This is only an estimate, please contact me if you have any questions. 

Case feet are an optional accessory.  Rubber bumpons, both large and small are included with the cases to achieve around a 6 degree typing angle. 

Optional wrist rests available. 

Please take your time ordering, as changes to orders later will complicate things and could affect the lead time for your order.