Krytox Grade 2 lubricant

Krytox Grade 2 lubricant

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For years this has been my go to lubricant for linear switches.  Having the same viscosity as 105 oil and Krytox grade 0, a little goes a long way and I find the consistency of grade 2 to yield the longest, most consistent and homogeneous results of any other lube.  A little goes a long way here, the key is to not overdo it, or like with any lubricant, you may find yourself with a sluggish feeling switch. Included are what I feel the perfect applicators as they are small enough to fit in the small places where it counts. You dont want to see white globs of lube, just saturated the tip of the applicator and roll the excess off of the end before applying.  Lubricant should be evenly distributed across the various components with a light layer. Apply as you see fit, if you like to 'feel the lube' then you can go a little heavier, but less is more here for great feeling and sounding switches.  

  • Each container contains 5 grams of lubricant, enough to do hundreds of switches if applied correctly. 
  • 4 applicators are included in various colors in the event you are using other lube like dielectric grease and dont want to mix the brushes
  • Maximum of 3 per person
  • Will ship when SoHo switches start shipping.  
  • Please do not message me asking me to combine orders, the time it takes costs production time and the shipping on this is minimal. If ordered separately, this will ship as soon as they are finished being packaged, please allow around 3 weeks.