Durock gold plated Stabilizers

Durock gold plated Stabilizers

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*Stabilizers will ship when switches arrive, all were purchased from durock and will ship as soon as they arrive, lead time was estimated at 20 days from purchase (roughly 5/22 when payment cleared and production began)*  Please see updates page for SoHo switches for updates*


Another great product from durock, pre clipped, made from nylon, Ive lubed a million of these guys and they are just great all around stabs that look good as well. 

Available for purchase are 2u, 6.25u and 7u stabs, each are sold individually. 

Considering I sell alot of alice layout acrylic boards, Ive ordered substantially more 2u stabs than the others, depending on how these sell will determine how I order in the future. 

Please do not message me to add to existing orders as these will ship once I have them in hand and have sorted them along with the switches. If I am shipping an existing order and I can combine them, I will do so automatically.  Please understand that modifying orders greatly impacts production, please be sure to order what you want when you place an order to avoid having to email me to modify the order, this helps me get products out faster, thanks!