Base plate for Alice/ET87/ET60

Base plate for Alice/ET87/ET60

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For those with opaque cases who want to allow the rgb underglow to be visible, or those who just want an optional colored base plate. Will come with matching screws and will be countersunk. You do not need to order this if you purchase a case, the case will come with a base plate in the color you choose for the case. 

Lead times are 6-8 weeks for ordes with cases, orders for just plates will be fulfilled within a week usually if not immediately, by purchasing this you understand that delays can and do happen, there are no refunds, once ordered you will have secured the material for your board to begin, this is not reversible. 

Due to Covid19, there is an increased demand for acrylic barriers and manufacturers are focused right now on producing clear acrylic primarily which has caused some delays regarding other types of acrylic.  Keep this in mind when ordering.