Covid-19 Information

Update for current orders and group buy participants regarding the Covid-19 situation.

First of all Id like to thank you all for your continued patience while we get through the current situation.  Despite everything that is happening and how this may affect us all moving forward, I remain optimistic that we will pull through this and life will return to normal soon, just a matter of following the federal and state level guidance for how to protect ourselves, I know we can beat this thing, and once there is a vaccine we will be able to put this behind us like many other viral outbreaks before this.  

Many of you are already on my discord server and have seen my updates there but I wanted to post an update here as well so everyone is on the same page.  So far everything I need for all orders has been purchased, many items have been delivered, however many are still pending delivery as a result of the stay at home orders currently affecting most states across the US.  My suppliers are all US based for the most part, other than pcbs, so many of the companies that produce alot of the items I need are experiencing delays as many factories that are deemed non essential have either closed, or are operating with skeleton crews.  This is going to cause about a month delay in the original timeline for all orders, a total of 2 months for those not waiting for pcbs, and about 3 months for those who are. That may change however and I may be able to start getting orders out sooner as it appears many companies are starting to feel the impact of this and are eager to get back to work.  I've also financed another laser and should take delivery in a few weeks, this will bring my current output up substantially and will aide in getting orders out even faster so Im ramping up production capability to meet the demand even faster than initially planned in order to mitigate the delays as much as possible.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at and as always, stay safe, follow all state and federal guidance and safety protocols and remember to look out for one another, I know we will get through this soon and in no time we will all be returning to a more normal way of life, albeit with a new perspective perhaps.  Thank you again for your patience, it means a great deal to me :)



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