About us

How it all started...

Hey everyone!  Just thought id take some time and let you know a little bit about myself, how I got into making custom keyboards and the direction of my company moving forward.

As many of you know, i have the same affliction as many others do, I love mechanical keyboards!  A few years ago I saw a keyboard that caught my eye. It was acrylic, it was glowing, and after a few videos, I was astounded by the way it sounded.  I had to have one!  However at the time, apart from designing my own, there werent exactly very many options for the board I wanted.  With this, I bought a small laser and decided I was going to make my own board.  After seeing my work, and having people ask for custom commissions, I decided to move full time into the keyboard manufacturing business. Providing exceptionally well built keyboard cases for a variety of layouts, which I hope to expand on in the very near future.  I think when it comes to keyboards, acrylic as a material is something I love probably more than any other.  I love the appearance, the sound, and the feel of an acrylic board.  One thing I always wanted to do to set my work apart was deliver not just an acrylic kit, but a fully assembled case, with all the fit and finish possible that can be afforded an acrylic chassis.  I countersink all my cases so screws sit flush, I clean and assemble all of my boards so the process of building is a little easier on the client end.  In the end, I could simply offer kits, and while this would be easier, the nuances of acrylic makes assembly difficult for some and I wanted to eliminate that as best i could.  In the future, I look forward to having a huge library of case options for readily available pcbs from the various vendors in the keyboard community and Im thankful for all of the people who have helped to make Switch Couture what it is today, a premium acrylic keyboard company that specializes in top tier boards with premium acoustics, aesthetics, and feel!


Join me on my discord server and feel free to reach out anytime!