SoHo Linears Round 2

SoHo Linears Round 2

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With all the great reviews we've been getting from JWK/Durock Linears like the acclaimed Alpacas, FFF, H1's, and Mauves, I thought why not add another switch to the lineup, something with a color scheme to match my logo.  While using the custom pantone color I wanted for a housing would have been possible, I was very pleased with Durocks existing lineup of switch housings and stem color options and chose to go with a smoky housing featuring Durocks "creamy green" linear stem, this also saved a lot of time as well and allows me to get a switch delivered faster.  Its a bit more bluish than green but it looks great.  Having compared the samples that were sent against the aforementioned switches, I felt these would be a perfect compliment to a lineup of existing linears that everyone knows and loves.  They will have a slight amount of factory lube applied, but I strongly recommend your normal lube routine for linears to achieve the best feel and sound, as with any linear switch. 

Please Read: 

  • Lead time is about 25 days for production *Ive been informed this may be much quicker as Durock has made provisions to expand their capability*
  • Im paying for express shipping to get them sent as quickly as possible once produced, and once received, they will be sorted and shipped.
  • These are a stand alone item, please do not email me to combine with existing orders, if I have orders shipping that also have switches at the time of shipping, I will combine the orders automatically, you dont need to email me, otherwise the switches will ship once sorted along with stabs/lube if also ordered. 
  • Switches are available in 62g and 67g variants
  • Limit to 300 switches per customer
  • A quantity of 1 represents 10 switches

Orders are non refundable, if you place an order, please understand there are no refunds.